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30th November
written by Hazel

I had hoped to get a lot more blog posts up before heading out, but it’s time to turn off my computer, pull out the hard drive, and say goodbye to the rest of it.

It’s so hard to leave this place – we love our apartment and our friends and our dog!  The goodbyes have been tough, but wonderful to have such amazing friends.  And now we’re almost on our way.  Tomorrow we set off for a few days in Seattle with family and then on Saturday we fly out.

Thank you California friends!!!!!  We’re really going to miss you!!!

It's so empty!

29th November
written by Justin

This is getting so real!  Had to say farewell to several friends last night and to all of LiveOps today.  Between that and the stuff fleeing to Goodwill it is all getting crazy.  We leave tomorrow!  Vamanos!

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27th November
written by Justin