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10th January
written by Hazel
Pretty strange burger

Pretty strange burger - not sure what was going on with this

I’ll start this post out by saying that almost everything we tasted in Singapore was excellent.  Singapore is not a particularly cheap place, but we were able to do pretty well by mostly eating at our local food court.  We stayed in Chinatown and there were plenty of tasty morsels to try!

We found that the best strategy was to go to the food court (kind of like a mix between a market and a food court you would find in a mall here), look around until we found a longish line and then get in that line and order whatever everyone else was eating.  Singapore has very strict regulations about food handling and cleanliness, so pretty much anywhere food is being sold it’s likely to be edible.

We had delicious noodles with pork.

So Good!!!!

So Good!!!!


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