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14th January
written by Justin

While in Singapore we had one Friday night where we wanted to go out on the town.  Being the big partiers that we are, we decided that a bar is just not party-hard enough for us!  We instead opted for an ingenious venue found on a very touristy street: the Game Cafe!



The thing that drew us in was a special – all you can drink sugary drinks, and all you can eat chips, and all you can game, all night, for a very reasonable price!  We were sold!  Little did we know that we’d find classics in this game shop.  One of our favorites while we lived in California was the “Bean Game”, also known as Bohnanza, and we happened to find it there!  Of course, it was just the two of us so the game wasn’t up to its normal form.  We also found Quoridor, a game I had in high school, and tried out a bunch of new games as well.

The real entertainment of the night, however, was a giant group of 15 or so people who were playing a very loud group game – and would spontaneously burst out laughing.  Kept the mood lifted!  We had a blast — game nights are something you just don’t get so often while you’re travelling.

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