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11th October
written by Hazel

After 5 months of delays we’re right back at the point of the last post I wrote and could not be more excited!  We’ve even made some progress on getting our backpacks set to travel (post on backpack contents soon to come).

We’ll write a proper post about where we’re going once we’ve purchased our tickets, but just to get it down on paper, here’s a basic sketch:

New Zealand



Possibly Peru, Uruguay and/or Brazil

Ithaca, NY

Europe (this will involve lots of land travel, so not sure on countries yet)


Either South Africa or Kenya


Thailand (and possibly other SE Asia locations)

Possibly China


What are we missing here?  Even though a year is a long time, it’s important to us to not just race around the globe.  This seems like a huge, but hopefully manageable, amount.   This list also reflects our main set of RTW flights, not all the land travel we’re planning on doing.  We can also take shorter hop flights from any of these locations.  I think we have lots of options here.

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