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28th October
written by Hazel

We’ve started to make some really good progress in getting this trip on the road (er…air?).  Yesterday we sold Justin’s car so we’re now officially a one car family.  There’s still lots of furniture and odds and ends to go, but with the dining table, bike, and car sold we’re starting to make a dent.  Hopefully by the time we leave in a little over a month the house will be empty!

Although we’re significantly cutting down on “stuff,” we aren’t getting rid of everything.  The remaining car will get a year of retirement and wait for our return Dec. 2011.  It will also allow us to take one station wagon load of stuff to keep to my parents’ house near Seattle.  Between that and a few boxes here and there with friends we won’t have to completely start over on our return.

Tomorrow is our trip to the travel clinic to make sure we won’t catch any exotic diseases during our travels.  Wish my arm luck – I’m not a fan of needles!

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