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6th December
written by Justin

Well, we discovered to our dismay that we’ll be staying for an extra 8 hours while they find more people to fly to New Zealand!  Of course, they didn’t say it that way but we know that’s what was going on.  Stayed at a reasonably nice hotel with free breakfast and lunch though!  No sightseeing, just lounging and napping to be had.  Too bad it will take away from our time in Auckland but all in all it could have been a lot worse.  See you in New Zealand!


  1. nigel

    Well, as setbacks go…
    I just finished photographing the beer and wine bottles from Friday. Such a good evening.

  2. Hazel

    No kidding. And the airline provided the transportation, hotel and food during our layover!!! Not too shabby! I didn’t know they would to that if you were just stuck during the day.

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