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13th December
written by Hazel

Still loving New Zealand – this will have to be a quick post because I have 11 minutes left on my internet quota.

Yesterday we went on a jetboat excursion which was so much fun.  They jetted us to a geothermal park which we got to walk around for a while and then did a fun fast jet back up the river.

Then we drove out to the coast to the Hawk’s Bay region and were able to do a tasting at Esk Valley Vineyard.  Really yummy wines.

Today we made it to Wellington, New Zealand’s capital and went to the museum there.  We were also able to meet up with an old friend of mine from high school – she’s here getting a PhD.  Nice to see a familiar face and catch up.

Tomorrow we’re off to the south island, so getting up at 6 am to catch the ferry.



  1. nigel

    Don’t forget to take a picture of the southern cross. Does the water swirl the wrong way in the toilet? Does the sun move east to west via north?Are there really more sheep than people? How do you know it’s summer?
    Yours curiously

  2. nigel

    BTW, it’s an Australian Magpie. They were introduced from, er, Australia. Apparently there are white- and black- backed forms in different parts of NZ. – N

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