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17th January
written by Hazel
We were happy to have the chance on our way up to catch the ferry back to the North Island to spend another night in Christchurch.  The place we stayed at Christmas was really good, so we had another night there.  We also had a chance to sample a local brewery’s beer.  This was the Twisted Hop and we really liked their beer.  In fact, their IPA ended up being both of our favorite in NZ so far!

Favorite NZ beer so far - in Christchurch

 The next day we continued up the coast and stopped in at Kaikoura – known for its whale watching and sea life.  We didn’t go out on a boat, but we did go on a hike that was full of seals and birds.  There was a Red-Eyed Gull breeding colony along the way and birds just everywhere.  The beach there was pretty unique too.  Really unusual rocks.


Beach walk at Kaikoura

Baby gull

Really crazy rocks

More birds

 On our way back through town after the hike we noticed a wine bar, so we checked that out.  It had something I’d never seen before, but Justin had in Italy – wine dispensing machines.  They would give you either a small taste, a half glass, or a full glass and just keep track of the prices of what you drank so you could pay at the end.  Pretty nifty!

Cool wine dispenser

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  1. nigel

    White-faced Heron and black-billed gull?

  2. Hazel

    You would know much better than me! I think I read a sign wrong and have been misnaming black-billed gulls as black-backed gulls ever since.

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