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23rd January
written by Hazel
  • In New Zealand deer live on farms.  This is where all the delicious venison comes from.  But it’s still really strange to see an enormous fence with a very large herd of deer in a pasture.
  • Burgers here come with “salad.”  That “salad” consists of the usual burger toppings – lettuce, tomato, etc.  So if they ask if you want salad with your burger they are actually asking whether you want veggie toppings in your burger.  Live and learn…
  • There is at least one “USA” themed restaurant.  The food there is nothing like the food in the USA.
  • Kiwis pretty much only eat turkey at Christmas.  We asked for some in a deli and were told they just don’t eat it that way.
  • We learned what a trig is!  And if your hike has trig in the name then you should expect a long climb!
  • That the West Coast of the South Island really is the “Wet Coast.”
  • Lots of facts about livestock and NZ wildlife.
  • The ABC’s of surfing (which don’t start with A or C)
  • About Moas.  Awesomest extinct flightless birdlike creature ever!
  • What a Giraffe Weevil is.  One landed on Justin and then we later found a specimen in a museum, allowing us to identify the beastie.
  • In New Zealand they love lager.  In fact, this is almost the only type of beer you can find anywhere.  Even if they name says it’s something else.
  • Kiwis (the people, not the birds) are really friendly.  It’s awesome.
  • The glowing part of glow-worms is actually their poo!  Gross but true.  They use it to attract other tiny bugs who are then caught in their sticky little ropes and eaten.

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