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23rd January
written by Hazel

Days spent: 49

Cost of postcard to US: NZ $1.90

Exchange Rate: NZ$1 = US$0.75

Average coffe price: NZ$3.75

Average price of petrol per litre: NZ$2.00  (that’s US$5.729/gallon!)

Vinnie’s average km/litre: about 11.  Not so bad.

Kms we could go on a full tank: about 300.  But sometimes the gas stations were REALLY far apart.

Fish and chips eaten:  Hazel 2.5, Justin 3.5 (unless we have another tonight!)

Pages of our NZ atlas not explored: 14 out of 91.  15%

Hours spent surfing with Steve: 6

Hours spent in caves: about 3

Hours spent in museums: about 5

Trigs climbed: 3

Most nights spent in same place: 4 (Christchurch, but on 2 separate visits)

Road most traveled: Lake Tekapo to Twizel.  5 times.

Most expensive internet: NZ$2 for 10 minutes.  Insane.

Longest camera exposure: 60 seconds

Biggest bird: Shy Albatross (we think)  8 foot wingspan!

Biggest fist: The shark caught on our cruise.  5 feet long!

Longest hike: 19.6 km

Hours until we leave: 13


  1. Bob D

    I like this post!
    Stat suggestions:
    -miles hiked
    -Wines tasted
    – beers tasted
    – cost/day/person not including airfare/excursions
    I’ve noticed a lot of travel blogs include this and it would be helpful for folks perhaps considering a similar trip. I just checked out an Argentina backpacking guide that said $30/day is possible with hostel lodging.

  2. Hazel

    Great suggestions! We could only do things that we could remember or had unwittingly counted in some way. Maybe now we’ve thought of this kind of post we can keep track of a few more things – like miles hiked!

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