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31st January
written by Justin

It turns out that there is in fact dancing in this town, even in enero (January) when it seems many of the dances shut their doors for the holidays. We found one on Friday that was at a cute little space near our apartment! Hazel had the great intuition to pick a place that is only 7 blocks or so from a couple of dance venues in the city, including the main swing one here:
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We had a lot of fun trying to understand things like “put your weight on the right foot” or “stop on 6” etc all in very fast Castillano. It was a trip! The dancing was really entertaining too — there were about 30-40 dancers there of all levels. We’ll be back next week!


  1. 31/01/2011

    Great that you’ve found a local dance venue. How are you liking local food? How hot is it – that’s the weather, not the food! Tell us more about your apartment please.

  2. Bob D

    I am also wondering about your neighborhood and apartment. How are you getting around? Do you feel safe?

  3. Nigel Ball

    ?como estate la musical?
    ?como es la moda?

  4. Rachael

    I LOVE that you two went dancing.

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