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29th March
written by Hazel

We’ve been really busy traveling for the past 2 weeks or so, but will gradually try and get things updated here!  When last I wrote we were in Buenos Aires, and from there we went on to Santiago, Chile.  It was a quick, pleasant flight and we had a few really nice days of exploring the city.

All of the photos link to our galleries which have more photos and I´ve started adding captions to explain them, so you can get even more about our trip if you click through to those!

Our first afternoon in Santiago we headed to the Museo de la Memoria, which is in memory of the incredibly difficult time that Chile has been through from the 1970s until the 1990s.  It was a very well put together museum and we learned so much about the recent history of Chile, despite not much of the text being in English.
Museo de la Memoria
The next day we headed out to one of Pablo Neruda´s houses – La Chascona.  Neruda was a poet and diplomat who traveled extensively and designed his own houses to fit his whimsical personality.  Unfortunately they didn´t allow photos inside.  We got to see his Nobel Prize for literature, and several paintings by famous artists designed personally for Pablo! 

La Chascona

We also checked out the cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral

And we had the best enchiladas I have ever eaten.  This was a big deal because although the food here is good, in Argentina there is very little variation in what is on the menu.  Chile seems to have a lot more choice and this was our first Mexican food since before we left home!


This was not even the most exciting part though because after a couple of days in the city my dad, Nigel, flew in to spend 10 days exploring with us.  Posts about our adventures together coming soon!

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