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1st May
written by Hazel

While Justin puts together posts about our recent jungle trip and we try to get some photos from Machu Picchu uploaded I thought I’d give an update on our wedding quilt fabric search.  Unlike Chile and Argentina, Peru produces TONS of beautiful textiles.  The only unfortunate thing is that they are not really materials designed for quilting, but we picked the closest things we could get.  We ended up with an incredible tablecloth and two placemats which we will cut up for the quilt.

This fabric with the white background is the tablecloth.  We took a really quick picture before sending it off, and didn’t get the best part – it has animal designs woven in some of the strips.  It is beautiful and will be hard to cut up, but we loved the colors and the designs.

Peru Fabric Number 1

These two are the placemats.  They are much more characteristic of the colors in Peru.  Very bright and cheerful.  The background fabric of one is green and the other is red.  Should make for an amazing quilt block!!!

Peru Fabric Numbers 2 and 3

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  1. Nigel Ball

    Well i don’t know my fabrics, so i’ll ask about Peruvian music. Did you hear any huayno or cumbia? Were there any street performers?
    Be safe in Brazil
    Much love

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