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1st June
written by Hazel

We had a fairly easy flight getting to Madrid from NYC and a very easy trip to our hostel on the (very clean, very spacious) metro.  The time difference and lack of sleep on the flight caught up to us though, so we took a nice nap for a couple of hours.

Since then we’ve managed to have some tapas (delicious!), wander around a bit, plan the next day or so (think we’ll head to Toledo and we’re going to see a flamenco show!), and see an incredibly awesome live jazz show just two blocks from where we’re staying!  We’ve also been pleased because even though the language here is a little different than in South America it seems like we can understand people pretty well and they can understand us.  So all in all, Spain has been good to us in the first 12 hours we’ve been here.

Awesome Jazz in Madrid!

Awesome Jazz in Madrid!

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  1. Nigel Ball

    No doubt their Spanish will improve now you’re there. Is there beer in Spain?

  2. Nigel Ball

    Mes enfants!
    Comment ca va?

  3. Leah-anne

    Hi you two :) happy belated birthday Justin for May, hope u had a really nice day. We have now just had our 1st day of winter with an ease into it and a -2 degree frost so not so bad yet…. Had a feed of fresh blue cod yesterday and Chris had swam out to try and fetch some pauas, but sadly the sea was to rough and dirty! I think he told u guys he’s really not fond of heading home with out his 10 paua, but to his surprise his friends dad gave him a nice size bag of fresh fillets of blue cod straight from the see :) :) The food you guys are eating and trying sounds divine. Loving hearing all your stories – luv Leah-Anne, Chris, Cleighton & Nickada xoxo

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