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28th June
written by Hazel

It really seems as though we’re honing our fabric gathering skills because, in my opinion, we just keep getting better and better fabric!

There wasn’t much question about what kind of fabric we should try to get from Scotland.  It had to be a tartan.  I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find, but we were lucky.  As we walked down the street in Edinburgh we noticed a little kilt shop, and right outside there was a large basket of odd bits of tartan which were left over from making the kilts!  This was perfect since we just wanted a little piece and we could pick colors we liked.  This isn’t a pattern related to our family or anything, but we thought it was pretty sweet.

Scotland Fabric

Scotland Fabric

And the England fabric is even better!!!  My aunt, who I will speak about in the post about Oxford, allowed us to pick through her fabric and take a piece that we like.  I’m so pleased about this because when I see it in the quilt I will think of her.  The design seems to fit what I think of when I think about English designs as well, so this is one of my favorite bits collected so far!

England Fabric

England Fabric


  1. Leah-anne

    Hey guys :-) every time I get on this website I have to go so far back to catch up to where you both are now. What an adventure u are having. We were so excited to receive a package from our bestest over seas traveling friends the other day that needless to say the boys were as happy as little sand boys with there twinkes and are going to make brownies this weekend!! Please please please email or post back an address I have a treat or two for you both to have waiting for you when you get home, maybe your mums address Hazel. The weather here is so terribly cold at the mo. Temps bin around -2 to 8.c I never seem to get used to it!! Nickada says hi and thanks for the twinkies, he saved his for days, so pleased after our yarn here with you guys that these were a treat :). Cleighton to says hi. Hes looking forward to the brownies, both spending heaps of time on their bikes and generally being pretty gud. Chris is still slightly frustrated as he has still not been out for his dive, so still no paua patties, not that worries me to much. Well have yacked your ears off so can’t wait to catch u soon one day, but we have been talking, just talking about out trip, the one we will plan, when the kids leave home, so you could say, 10 year plan? To maybe head your way…. Just a thought :). xxxxx

  2. Leah-anne

    Oh, might I add that your wedding fabric is looking absolutely fantastic – can’t wait to see the finished product

  3. Hazel

    Thank you! We’re so excited about it! Got some more to post about as well :)

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