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17th July
written by Hazel

We had another lucky fabric find in Amsterdam. The person we stayed with, Joel, happened to live just across the canal from a very big market. As we were waiting for our laundry to finish we thought we’d take a little walk, sit by the canal and write some postcards, and wander through the market. This proved to be an awesome idea. We got our postcards written and then set off through the market.

There were all types of stalls in the market. Clothing, food, and fabric! Justin was able to get some things he needed for our upcoming dance camp and then we took a look in the fabric shop. There weren’t too many choices of fabric suitable for quilt-making, but we were really happy with the one we selected. It’s a little whimsical, just like Amsterdam.

We also had success finding a post office and mailing our recent fabric purchases (and the postcards)!

Fabric from the Netherlands

Fabric from the Netherlands

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  1. Lyle Kahle

    Love that fabric. BTW, have you tried couchsurfing.org? Nissa has just signed up for it after her BHS friend in Argentina has been using it to meet people. She hasn’t had anyone stay over but she has helped show folks around that are visiting Austin, TX. It’s a world wide organization.

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