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2nd August
written by Hazel

Our second day in Prague was laundry day.  The hostel told us about two possible laundromats, so we set off for the closest one first.  Could not find it.  We found the address, but there was definitely not a laundromat there.  So we headed on to the second one.  Also could not find it.  Went to a hotel and asked them if they knew of a close place to do laundry.  They gave us directions to the one we were looking for, and we headed over.  Out of business.  BUT, there was a fabric shop right across the street – which was closed.

We were about an hour and a half into this project by now and had no other leads.  So we went and had cake.

Delicious cake

Delicious cake

At a totally great cafe, which we never would have discovered otherwise!  You can go to their website if you want to find them: www.barevnakavarna.cz

They have really pretty walls, a very helpful girl who works there, and free wi-fi for all your laundromat finding needs.

Pretty walls!

Pretty walls!

So we logged on and found this gem of a website!  We were convinced.  After all, they “wash laundry and mangle your washing since 1930’s.”  So, after a bit more of a walk we finally had success!  And despite the funny translations on the internet this place was a totally awesome laundromat.  So go there if you are in need of one in Prague.

That project took all day.  Not quite what we’d hoped for, but these things happen.  AND, we now knew where to find our fabric!  We went back and were actually pleased with the selection of possible fabrics.  This was our selection:

Czech Fabric

Czech Fabric



  1. Mom

    i love your solution to a problem—-EAT CAKE!!!

  2. Justin

    Cake is delicious regardless of where in the world you are!

  3. Jess

    This might be one of my favorite fabrics! It feels very exciting.

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