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5th May
written by Hazel

Hey loyal readers.  We are incredibly far behind on these blog posts, but hopefully can get that remedied in the next few days.  We are now in beautiful Paraty, Brasil, at a hostel right across the road from the beach!  And it only took about 52 hours of continuous travel to get here!

So blog to come soon, right now it is time to kayak!

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5th April
written by Hazel

Since we’ve been in Santiago for a few days I’ve finally had a chance to make a few improvements to the site!  So now we have links!!!

We’ll add to it as we go and maybe have a bit more of a sophisticated format, but for now you can see places and businesses who we think deserve your business.  The list isn’t complete yet, but anything on it is highly recommended.  Hopefully it will be helpful to other travelers!

15th November
written by Hazel

Hopefully over the next week or so anyone visiting this space will notice some updates to what we have going on.  Our main goal for this blog is to keep friends and family up-to-date with our travels and to have an opportunity to record what we get up to.  We’re working on a map that will show the details of our trip and hopefully be a way to organize our posts as well.  We’re also hoping to do a spiffing up of the looks of the blog and to find a way to share more of our photos with you.

It’s really exciting to see this page take shape as well as to share our plans as they come together.  We’re down to 20 days left in the country and are getting more excited every day!

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