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11th November
written by Hazel

On a Hike

One of the hardest parts about taking off for a whole year is leaving this sweet face behind.  I found Daisy in the Tacoma, WA pound 5 years ago and she’s been a major part of my life since then.  She’s moved with me from Puyallup, WA to Davis, CA, back to Seattle, WA and now here to the Bay Area.  She’s gone fishing, camping, whale watching, rafting, hiking, was the ring bearer in our wedding and even goes to work with Justin every day.  It’s going to be pretty difficult leaving her behind!

Luckily for us, our close friends have volunteered to take her for the year we are gone.  Daisy already loves hanging out and playing ball with them and will be totally happy to spend a year with them and their two kitties.  And even more luckily for us, they’ve promised to give her back once we are back from our travels.  We couldn’t ask for a more ideal situation.

Fetch in the Park

We’ll miss Daisy, but it’s much easier leaving knowing that she’ll be in such good hands!


Whale Watching off Monterey